When I was four years old, I got my head stuck while inline for the Dumbo ride at Disneyland.I cried for nearly an hour as legions of people including my mother took photos of me crying with my head between the bars.

As a designer i believe in the power of storytelling, form and the deeper meaning in its purpose. Growing up, practicing martial arts taught me that there is a reason for phases and steps and to break its linear nature could lead to injury or missing a crucial ingredient in development.

I love Sci-fi and Fantasy films, I admire the vision to develop story and visuals from nothing more than pure imagination. I believe all things are tied together through emotion. In a world of “gut feelings” and “6th senses” the emotional thread is what compels humans to action.

I have a passion for storytelling through Brand, I feel most effective when allowed to tell a story through different media: Interaction, Motion, Film, Environment, Print or as of late even Fashion. The media doesn’t matter if the designer understands the story of the brand and it’s message.

I believe that developing any project requires the designer to go through every step (the process) to find the best solution and that the work should have as much emotion and personality as the people they’re meant to effect.

Oh, and I also play an atrocious amount of video games. It’s bad. I’m ashamed. Also I’m an obsessive Lore nerd. I don’t want to explain it’s complicated.